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Bobby’s keynotes on overcoming adversity and the importance of discipline, persistence focus, and concentration are favorites among educators and corporations. Warm, witty, and sincere Bobby is the perfect speaker for your event.


Bobby keynotes for Corporate events,  educational institutions, conferences, community events, museums, etc. Bobby's programs focus on Character Education, Cultural Diversity, African-American culture and diversity, literacy, and the spoken word.



Speaker – Keynote

Bobby is a much sought after presenter whose highly energetic and dynamic style entertains and inspires his audiences. For educators, he also promotes character education in the classroom and illustrates how storytelling can enable students to make right choices.





Hidden Heroes: Overcoming Adversity through Storytelling

An invaluable resource for educators aspiring to promote creative and imaginative problem-solving.

Shows the importance of mentors and role models in helping students reach their full potential.

Through examination of the story of Bobby’s life-journey, this down-to-earth presentation illustrates techniques that help children take control of their own life stories. This keynote provides teachers ways to develop enthusiasm for listening, and a love for learning. As a child, Bobby was a shy, quiet boy prone to stuttering. He grew up in a rough North St. Louis neighborhood where many young men became casualties of the street. But through supportive role models and a learned enthusiasm for words, story, and theater, Bobby grew up to become a role model in turn. This keynote presentation demonstrates how he overcame the odds to become a world-renowned artist, author and workshop leader. His struggles and triumphs offer valuable lessons for parents and educators who aspire to help children to realize their talents and achieve their dreams.



The Moral of the Story: The Case for Character Development in America Today

In this dynamic keynote address, Mr. Norfolk discusses in detail the ways and means that educators can empower their students to achieve character education lessons by simply having them understand the morals in stories, myths, folktales, and legends. Combining the wisdom of many cultures, Bobby offers a multicultural pattern for curriculum developers to follow. In modern society, students and the general public are constantly being bombarded with negative messages: the need for alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are cool, violence solves problems; bad guys always win and good guys are nerds. Educators see the need to counter these messages with a formal curriculum in American schools. Bobby Norfolk provides to educators and parents suggested activities, lesson plans, ideas, and stories to help promote character education traits in the classroom & home. Common values include kindness; honesty; loyalty to parents and family members; cooperation, responsibility, respect and an obligation to help the poor, the sick, and the less fortunate.



For more information on programming and speaking topics feel free to contact us. We will be glad to email you a full listing. Please note, Bobby will tailor his keynote/presentation to your needs and goals.

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