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One of today's most respected storytellers and authors, Bobby Norfolk has always written from an honest place, creating fresh, lively, and often poignant works that are an inspirational tonic.


Norfolk Tales: From the Page to the Stage 

Having written and co-authored over a dozen books, Bobby presents an energetic, humorous and informative presentation about the creative process he went through to become a published author. Topics include choosing the right story, research, preparing the creative process, copyright, artistic license, inspiration, outlining chapters, and publishing. 
Additionally, Bobby can perform and bring to life one or two of his own story books. Following this engaging presentation, he can answer questions about his life as an author, storyteller, speaker and Teaching Artist. Bobby can tailor this presentation to meet your needs and goals. With numerous titles on bookstore shelves, Bobby brings a wealth of knowledge and talent to your event.


This presentation is adaptable for all ages and ideal for:

  • Book Signings

  • Presentations

  • Bookstores

  • Schools 

  • Libraries 

  • Literary Events 

  • Conferences


Eye to the Sky: Storytelling on the Edge of Magic

Nobody knows how to tell a story like Bobby Norfolk, and here he tells his own life story.

Norfolk grew up in hardscrabble neighborhoods of Saint Louis, Missouri, during the

1950s and 60s, sometimes walking to elementary school from an apartment his parents

could not afford to heat. Lifting himself up by force of will and God-given talent, Norfolk

defeated a childhood stutter to become a high school dramatist and later an exceptional

college student. The path was never easy—and often frightening. With men of color being

killed all-too-frequently in America, Norfolk sought a personal identity based on talent

and hard work, but also upon where safety and justice might be found. He tells these

stories—some heartwarming or humorous, some frightful and treacherous—honestly,

with a graceful mindfulness that all would do well to emulate.

"An inspiring,beautifully told testimony of a storyteller's quest for identity,healing, joy, and

fulfillment. Masterfully written and engaging, Bobby Norfolk's affirmation of life will delight

a wide range of readers!"

—Thomas Saxon-Social Worker and Storyteller, New York City

 St. Louis Dispatch  article on
Bobby's new book.
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