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Bobby Norfolk Stories Live

Recorded On-Stage at The Mr.Roger's Studio at  the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

Children's Books


Anasi and Turtle Go to Dinner

This story provides another classic African folktale about the trickster spider Anansí. First off, it is a custom that whenever a guest arrives at mealtime that the host share his or her food with the guest, whether the visitor is invited or shows up uninvited. In this folktale, Anansí learns that Turtle is coming over and that he must share his dinner with Turtle. Being the trickster that he is, Anansí figures out a way to trick Turtle so that he can keep all of the food for himself. Of course, when Turtle realizes what Anansí has done, he is determined to teach Anansí a lesson.


Anansi and the Tug O' War

Anansí the trickster spider is back to his old tricks once again in this classic African folktale. Anansí must use his brainpower to teach Elephant and Whale to respect smaller creatures. He challenges both Elephant and Whale to a tug o' war, but they don't realize that they are actually pulling against each other and not Anansí. In the end, both stubborn animals are so tired that they give up when Anansí asks them who is the strongest animal and he declares himself the winner of the tug o' war. In this battle of wits, brains definitely outdo brawn. This trickster tale from Africa will teach readers the importance of courage, resourcefulness and respect.


Anansi Goes to Lunch

Anansi is invited to three parties and wants to attend them all. He gives each of his hosts a rope to tug, ties the other end around his own waist, and waits to be summoned when the food is served - but when all of the food is ready at the same time, Anansi is caught in the middle! That's why Spiders have small waists today. Illustrated by Baird Hoffmire.


Anansi and the Pot of Beans

Did you ever wonder why spiders have no hair? After reading this African trickster tale, you will know. When Anansi goes to help his grandmother, he can't resist her steaming-hot pot of beans. Bobby and Sherry Norfolk take a wonderful new look at a classic story. Illustrated by Baird Hoffmire.


Anansi and the Sky Kingdom

 In this folktale, the world is dark and King Lion asks for someone to go to the King of the Sky to ask for light. Many animals try but all of them fail to bring light to the world. Finally, Anansí offers to take on the task after all of the other animals have failed. He uses his courageous wit and trickster skills to successfully bring light to the world and all of the animals rejoice. These trickster legends from Africa teach readers the importance of citizenship, courage and resourcefulness.


Billy Brown and the Belly Button Beastie

Every night when Billy Brown's mother puts him to bed, she tells him to keep his covers on so he doesn't catch a cold. Yet every morning when she wakes him, he has kicked the covers off the bed. Knowing how proud Billy is of his belly button, his mother tells him that if he doesn't keep the covers on the bed, the Belly Button Beastie is going to pay him a visit and steal his belly button.

Billy makes a critical error when he disregards his mother's advice, only to find out the Beastie is real.

book-virginiaGiant (1).jpg

The Virginia Giant:

The True Story of Peter Francisco

The Virginia Giant, a one-man army! Peter Francisco was believed to have had almost super-human strength. According to legend, George Washington said, "Without him we would have lost two crucial battles, perhaps the war, and with it our freedom." Francisco, a Portuguese immigrant, was raised outside Richmond and after hearing Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech, he joined the Virginia Colonial Militia. He was known for his battle-hardened skills, and his bravery at Brandywine, Stony Point, Camden and Guilford Courthouse led to stories of epic portions. Join authors Bobby and Sherry Norfolk as they separate fact from myth on topics ranging from pirates to redcoats to exciting acts of valor in this remarkable story of a true American hero.

Other Books


Eye to the Sky: Storytelling on the Edge of Magic

Nobody knows how to tell a story like Bobby Norfolk, and here he tells his own life story. Norfolk grew up in hardscrabble neighborhoods of Saint Louis, Missouri, during the 1950s and 60s, sometimes walking to elementary school from an apartment his parents could not afford to heat. Lifting himself up by force of will and God-given talent, Norfolk defeated a childhood stutter to become a high school dramatist and later an exceptional college student. The path was never easy—and often frightening. With men of color being killed all-too-frequently in America, Norfolk sought a personal identity based upon talent and hard work, but also upon where safety and justice might be found. He tells these stories—some heartwarming or humorous, some frightful and treacherous—honestly, with a graceful mindfulness that all would do well to emulate.


Moral of the Story:

Folktales for Character Development 

Recorded On-Stage at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh



Norfolk Tales

Emmy Award-winning storyteller Bobby Norfolk brings his electrifying energy to world folktales (from the African, Eastern European, Appalachian, and Irish traditions) to the delight of all ages. From Anansi, the African trickster, to Jack, the bumbling, lucky, persevering Everyman of traditional stories, Norfolk's characters instruct while they entertain.


Bobby Norfolk Stories Live

Emmy Award-winning storyteller Bobby Norfolk brings his electrifying energy to world folktales (African, Eastern European, Appalachian, and Irish traditions), to the delight of all ages. From Anansi, the African trickster, to Jack, the bumbling, lucky, persevering Everyman of traditional stories, Norfolk's characters instruct while they entertain.


Bobby Norfolk Timeless Tales

The children who populate these classic stories are heroes and heroines of timeless tales. Their unpredictable antics confound evil and treachery at every turn and leave listeners of generation after generation transfixed and uplifted.  What Bobby Norfolk does with the material makes it so much more than an exercise in wisdom literature. Listening to this collection, one has the sense of being in the presence of a master performer of the oral tradition. Bobby Norfolk's dynamic pacing, the range of his incredible voice, and his mastery of the story material itself, make this new recording an important and satisfying addition to your storytelling or folklore shelf.


Anansi Time

Bobby Norfolk plays a prominent role in African-American storytelling. But when he recently visited Africa, he went as a humble student, hoping to glean new insights, to immerse himself in a living oral tradition. He went as a pilgrim to the cities, villages, and jungles of Africa. Yet he was caught completely by surprise when, during a visit to an obscure African village, he was invited to a community-wide afternoon break at which elders told traditional Anansi stories and everyone else listened intently. It was "Anansi Time".
With material gleamed on that trip and from the tradition of African tellers in North America, Bobby Norfolk electrifies audiences with energized retellings of Anansi the wise, Anansi the resourceful, and Anansi the mythic underdog figure who is never undone or outdone.


Baby Hawk Learns to Fly

Award-winning storyteller Bobby Norfolk brings his talents to six traditional stories. A mixture of classics and lesser-known folktales, these are all performance-tested audience favorites, capturing Norfolk's trademark energy and humor. Whether the story is from the American South, Japan, or the Caribbean, Norfolk pinpoints the message of the story and invites his listeners to celebrate the best in all of us


Storyteller in a Groove

1.1 Morning Train (0:55)
1.2 The Creation (4:33)
1.3 True Blues (2:45)
1.4 Booker T. And W.E.B. (2:34)
1.5 Feet Live Their Own Life (5:52)
1.6 Callaloo and the Crab (14:06)
1.7 A Negro Love Song (4:29)
1.8 No Images (0:26)
1.9 Landladies (5:34)
1.10 Murf on My Turf (1:48)
1.11 Teen Rap Crisis (11:40


Dunbar Out Loud

Here are a baker's dozen of Paul Laurence Dunbar's poems brought to life in the medium he always wrote for - the spoken word. As narrated by Bobby Norfolk, these poems evoke the range of moods, from elegy to wonder to celebration, that the poet is remembered for.

Bobby has an amazing array of books, CD's and DVD's...many of them award winning.  You can purchase them in paperback, kindle form, audio CD and hardback!

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